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The surrounding flowers will the peony and lotus Pilsner Cups

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Posted on: 06/14/18

Consequently, it has a strong European style in its shape and ornamentation. This Guangzhou Museum brought a "wide colorful badge flowered pattern beer mug", is in excess of 300 years ago for American nobles "private custom" export porcelain. At first glance, this wide-color beer mug is nearly the same as the porcelain cup we employ today, but it has a lot of body mass, and China Pilsner Cups at least it could possibly hold a bottle of light beer. Keep asking Qianlong's porcelain beer mugs?

Come to Chaotian Temple and you will know. At that time within Europe, Chinese porcelain was the moment arrived in gold, and it had been considered by all countries royal aristocrats. It selected Jingdezhen's white porcelain and was drawn from the craftsmen according to the shapes provided by foreign merchants. Pilsner Cups Experts said that this sort of porcelain with heraldry belongs towards “private custom” of the royal friends and family in Europe.It is reported that the exhibition could continue until October 9.

Through the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty, Guangzhou colored porcelain was the leading force for China's export connected with porcelain. Although affixed with a

"Made around China" label, the pattern within the beer mug reveals a sturdy Western style. On the front of the cup is a coat of arms comprising a crown, flowers, and 2 heart-shaped patterns. The surrounding flowers will the peony and lotus twigs commonly used in Chinese porcelain, but the safflower grass growing inside the West


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